How did Brandon Davies Get Caught?

       Everyone knows the story of Brandon Davies getting kicked out of BYU for having sex with his girlfriend, but how the hell did this guy get caught?  Honestly I don't know if anyone in the world has the answer, but if they do they need to step up and tell us.  He possibly could have gone to the school and told them himself but that has to be less than a 1% chance.  My guess is his girl told one of her bitch friends and they went and reported it to the school.  Maybe the picture above is telling us that someone pulled the reverse peep hole prank on him and looked in his room while he was going to town on his lady.  Whatever the real story is I really want to know.
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This just came to my attention check it out.
Jayci Stephen: The Utah Valley Student Brandon Davies Got Pregnant

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  1. Cool blog bro I'll have to follow you if i can find your follow link on here. That has been my question the whole time on this subject.Did someone catch them in the act or something or did the girl tell? I don't understand. Check me out and follow if you can at Peace

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