Did Tim Tebow Just Play a Practical Joke on the New York Jets?

I'm pretty sure that was his plan the whole time right?  Play like crap the whole game so the Jets defense is out of sync then just run over them like 4th graders. Yo give me the ball on the five and let me drive the field for a game winning touchdown.  That had to be the plan all along right?  Just make Rex Ryan get all hype about going home to his wife's feet with a victory.  Seems like this is getting to be a tradition, and one that I'm beginning to enjoy.  He even scared me on my fantasy team.  Dude was rolling with like seven points going into the last drive and gave me like 12 more points on one drive.  Is he the most clutch player in the NFL?  I don't even think if that was an award it could possibly go to anyone else.  4-1 as a starter. Is this real life?  Can't get over how much I like this dude on the football field now.  Might be my new favorite player.  Possibly even ordering one of these Jerseys.

P.S. Since he's legitimately Jesus now he should stop praying cause it's pretty weird that he talks to himself so much.

P.P.S  I'm pretty sure I had a vision of Tebow telling me the outcome cause I picked the exact final score.

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