Floyd Mayweather Sr. Boxes Charlie Zelenoff, Then Charlie Gets Jumped After Cheap Shot

This is internet boxing clown Charlie Zelenoff.  He claims his is 20-0 although he lost to a guy in his only professional fight that was 1-14 by giving up in the first round.  He fought Floyd Mayweather Sr. in his gym and claims that he dominated him.  By the looks of it, it was pretty even.  At the end of the fight Charlie steps out of the ring because Mayweather is pounding him in the corner.  Then Mayweather walks away and Charlie jumps back in the ring and hits him in the back of the head.   What the dumb-ass forgot was that he was in Mayweather's gym.  Some random boxer jumps in with no gloves on and beats the crap out of Charlie. 

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  1. it wasnt even at all he didnt hit mayweather once minus the cheapshot, dumbass

  2. even close i mean


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