Freddie Roach Says He Wants Mayweather Not Marquez

Finally some good news for the super fight.  Promoter Bob Arum said a few days ago that he would pursue another fight with Marquez.  This would be the fourth bout between the two.  Who in their right mind would want to watch that?  Roach said otherwise though, and confirmed that he wants Mayweather and thinks Pacquiao does to.  Here is the interview.
Roach, in a Wednesday phoner, told us that he is as eager as most fight fans are to see Pacquiao — who is coming off a controversial victory against Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday — fight Mayweather.
The Mayweather fight is the one the whole world wants to see, everywhere I go fans tell me that,” said Roach, who is cornering Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on Saturday for his scrap in Texas with Peter Manfredo, a bout that will run on HBO.
“For me, Mayweather is the number one choice to fight next. I’m trying to get hold of Manny, to get his feelings on it. If the choice is $30 million to fight Marquez or Mayweather for $100 million in the biggest fight of all time, I’m sure he’d go for Mayweather. But I haven’t had the chance to talk to him.”
There has been talk that Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum is aiming for a fourth Marquez fight before he’s inclined to possibly get bogged down in another protracted negotiation session with Team Mayweather. The Mayweather crew has indicated they want to take on Pacquiao, and have targeted a May 5 date for this boxing Super Bowl. But the two sides have flirted off and on for so long, cynics wonder if they can ever find common ground. Roach is optimistic it can get done.
Roach told me that he is confident that Arum, who he said is superior at what he does, will deliver the fight that Pacquiao desires. “And I think that’s the Mayweather fight,” Roach said. “I will see Manny today. He’s in the U.S. and leaves for the Philippines tonight.”
We can only hope that Pacquiao agrees with his trainer.  As a father figure Roach should sit him in time out and make him think about the potential money he could lose if he gets upset by someone that's not Mayweather.  This would completely blow any chance of a 50 million dollar payout for Pacquiao in the Mayweather fight.  The fight would lose all it's flame and boxing would be a complete joke like I already think it is.  These two need to man the F up and fight.

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