John Daly Quits Australian Open After Hitting 7 Balls Into the Water on 11th Hole

Tin Cup?  I think so.  John Daly withdrew from the Australian Open today after hitting 7 balls in the water on the 11th hole.

ESPN - "Daly was 4 over through 9 holes and then 7 over after a two-shot penalty at the 10th.

Then at the 11th, it appeared that Daly gave up, and simply hit the remaining balls he had into a water hazard that he didn't come close to clearing.

Daly hit seven golf balls into the water on No. 11 and would have been hitting his 16th shot had he continued."

"It's very disappointing obviously to the tournament, certainly unprofessional,'' said Trevor Herden, the tournament director of the Australian Open and the director of championships for Golf Australia. "I'm extremely bitter and disappointed that he's treated this championship this way. It's become a bit of a habit. It's unacceptable and I certainly hope that all of the tours deal with it in the appropriate manner this time.'' 

Daly being the dick that he went to his twitter and said this.

The tournament director replied and said the rule states that he could call for a rules official and ask them to replentish his balls.

Leave it to Daly to keep it classy on the course.  Probably something Tiger should learn to do if he is going to keep playing as bad as he has lately.

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