Louisville Lost to Pitt on Saturday Because They Played to Much Call of Duty 3

Yea it's true.  Louisville lost 21-14 on Saturday and one reporter Mike Rutherford of Card Chronicle quotes head coach Charlie Strong as saying "the team was distracted by the release of the new Call of Duty."  The game was just released last week so this could very much be accurate.  Coach Strong even pulled them off the field during pre-game warmups to get them focused

Any guy that's ever played a video game knows you can't put the controller down when you first buy the game.  Heck even a couple months after you buy the game you can find yourself going on multiple hour game playing benders and not even realizing it.  I haven't played the newest Call of Duty, but I'm huge on the first two and sympathize with the players.  I mean doesn't the NCAA know when theses games are coming out?  They should have pushed the season back a couple weeks.

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