Shaq Wants Jose Canseco in the MMA Ring

We have known for a while that Shaq is a huge UFC fan and has even trained in MMA in the past.  Hopefully now that he is done with basketball he will get into some more training and get a fight under his belt.  Shaq asked Dana White via a tweet to set him up with a fight against Jose Canseco.  As much as I would love to see Canseco get torched by Shaq, I doubt it would happen in the UFC.  Dana isn't huge on freak show fights, but lets hope he makes an exception for his boy Shaq Fu.

Also I had to point out that Shaq spelled his last name with a lower case C, and with an o instead of an a. Plus he picked Cain to win who got destroyed in the first round.  Good thing we don't like Shaq for his knowledge.

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