Tim Tebow Is Now a Running Back With the Option to Pass

Tim Tebow is now 3-1 as a starter for the Denver Broncos.  Tebow took a lot of heat after the 45-10 loss to the Detroit Lions.  He was 18/39 passing in that game with 1 interception. His next game was against the Raiders which he went 10/21 with no interceptions and the won the game.  Yesterday the Broncos beat the Chiefs as Tebow went 2/8 with no interceptions.  8 passes for 69 yards?  This has to be a record low for a QB that started and played the whole game.  Can't we now consider him a RB with the possibility of throwing once in a while?  The Broncos rushed the ball 55 times with six different players.  They have completely given up the passing game and it's working.  I said last week they needed to limit his mistakes in the air and that's exactly what they did, just didn't know it would be to the extent of only 8 passes with 2 completions.

ESPN - "It's just a mindset. It's a low-risk offense. It's not an indictment on Tim Tebow or whoever our quarterback is," Broncos coach John Fox said. "It's just whatever is working for us. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We tried to possess the ball and keep our defense fresh."

One thing nobody can argue is that Tebow has always been an asset on the Fantasy Football field.  He had another good day with 19 fantasy points made me feel dumb for starting Ben Roethlisberger.

Would anyone have guessed they would be in the hunt to make the playoffs and win their division?  Doubt it.  Their next game is against the New York Jets at home.  Let's see if Rex Ryan can figure out the all run offense and force Tebow to throw the ball.


  1. The Broncos rock! Not just Tebow, but including Tebow.

  2. Don't ever underestimate Tebow!!! A Florida Fan

  3. Tim will give 100% and play the very best he can at each game. I've never seen him slack off, or coast through anything. I only wish the press would ease off of him and allow him to become the quarterback he can become. He's got a good head to run the offense, and like any other player, room for improvement, but the Broncos are lucky to have him.


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