Why the Broncos Will Beat the Jets and Tebow Will Throw More Than Eight Times

We showed you a couple days back that Tebow has thrown less and less every week, with last week coming in at historically low numbers.  He only had two completions on eight pass attempts against the Chiefs.  This week Tebow faces a stiff pass defense in the Jets and that begs the question, Is it possible he can throw less than eight times?

The Jets are coming into Denver on a short week after getting owned by the Patriots last weekend on Sunday night football.  That might help the awkward offense of the Broncos slip past the Jets tonight with a victory.  Rex Ryan will be doing everything he can to shut down the run and that should open up the air for Tebow.  I predict about 18 pass attempts which is considerably more than last week.  You might ask why seeing that they're playing a better defense so let me tell you. 

Darrelle Revis has already been quoted saying Tebow is boring and he isn't looking forward to sitting around all night watching them run.  Don't get me wrong they will run the majority of the night, but there will be more openings in the secondary than we think. Tebow should come away with another two touchdown night in the passing game.  Also three days won't be enough for Ryan to wrap his fat arms around the unusual offense of the Broncos. Rex was also rattled bad with the loss to the Pats last week and was quoted saying they have no chance at making the playoffs this year.  We figured he was playing reverse psychology on his team, but it seems like an accurate statement now.

The Jets are sporting the 15th worst rush defense in the league while the Broncos are sporting the 2nd best rush attack.  Advantage?  I think so.  The Jets will most likely be stacking the line with as many people as they can including safeties.  This should bode well for Tebow when he decides to take advantage of the one on one match-ups he is sure to see all night long.

With that said I'm taking the Broncos by a slim margin of 17-13.  The Jets are clearly more athletic and I don't think the Broncos posses the type of offense to blow anyone out.  That should keep the game close, but with the Broncos getting 7 points right now, my money will surely be going on Timothy.

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