Madonna and Cirque du Soleil Land Super Bowl Half Time Show

I guess the real question is who she will make out with this time.  Does anyone want to see her perform if she's not making out with another chick? Honestly pretty hype to see Cirque du Soleil though.  Heard great things about them and somehow have never got the chance to watch them.
NBC "The 53-year-old Material Girl — whose romantic drama W.E. just happens to be hitting theaters two days before the game — will collaborate with Cirque du Soleil and Jamie King for the big gig."
 If this doesn't show you that everyone is out to make a buck I'm not sure what does.  Modonna has a movie coming out two days before the game and also has a new album set to release in 2012.  At some point in my lifetime they need to bring these things to a vote and let the fans choose.

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