Shaun White X-Rated Photos To Hit The Internet....Ewww

  TMZ is reporting that a naked Shaun White photo is being shopped around the internet to the highest bidder.  The photos were taken at a hotel party in 2009 shortly before he won a gold medal in the Winter X-Games.  Apparently some x-rated games were going on between White and an attractive blonde girl in the bed and a party goer got a picture of the two naked in the missionary position.  The seller is apparently looking for a big payday.

Alright I need some answers.  Clearly no guys wanna see Shaun White and his fire crotch in a naked picture.  Do girls wanna see this??  Do girls even watch porn like guys do?  Like who really would ever look at this picture if there wasn't a hot blonde in it?  I'm sure some porno company out there will pay this person a decent chunk of change, but I really wanna know who would look at this picture?  My eyes would burst into flames.

P.S. This proves once and for all that women will sleep with anyone who has money.

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