Tiger Woods Back in the W Column (Video)

Tiger won the Chevron World Challenge yesterday with a comeback win over Zach Johnson.  This jumped Tiger up to the 21st player in the world.  I think we can all agree, love him or hate him, golf is nothing without Tiger Woods right now.  The man is a beast.  I could write a million things about the tournament, but I'll stick to the funny stuff because that's what I do. First off we go to his twitter feed which he wrote what you see below right after he won the tournament.

Can we safely say he's back on track???  I mean the dude is dropping LL Cool J, Mama Said Knock You Out on his twitter feed after a comeback win.  This is classic Tiger Woods.  Just bangin sluts and knockin down putts.

Then we got a funny video below where Tiger blasts his drive on the 18th hole and a fan yells 'Mashed Potatos' when he mashed his drive down the center of the fairway.  Gotta love when golf fans get wild, which only happens when Tiger is on the course.  He almost brings a Happy Gilmore type swagger to the course.  Glad to see him back on track.

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