Tiger Woods to Make Return at Bridgestone

ESPN - Tiger Woods will return to competitive golf next week at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

Woods announced the news via Twitter and on his website Thursday night.

"Feeling fit and ready to tee it up at Firestone next week. Excited to get back out there!" Woods tweeted.

 Well our wish has come true.  As long as Tiger doesn't get hurt again he will be around for the last Major of the year.  Tiger usually dominates at Bridgestone so hopefully he can use that to spark something under his ass before the PGA.   The PGA Championship starts in two weeks and he needs to get some legs under him before that.  This is the perfect time for him to return as long as he is fully healthy.  Lets go El Tigre.

Boston Red Sox Fan Cries Like a Girl

I hate ripping on little kids but this kid is old enough not to cry like a little girl when a player hands him a ball.  I mean damn bro grow up.

Chad Ochocinco Goes to New England Patriots

The Patriots have added Chad Ochocinco to the always stallion receiving core.  We learned earlier today that Albert Hanesworth joined the Pats now Chad is in on the fun.  I can't say I'm a huge fan on the Pats but I do love to watch them play offense.  With Chad in on the mix it just got even better.  I gotta say, I can see him becoming a top 10 fantasy WR this year.  He is getting older and I'm guessing he wants to win a Super Bowl before he retires so hopefully we will see Chad at 100%. 

Alberto Contador Punches Fan In The Face At Tour De France

Alberto Contador punched a fan dressed up as a doctor as he climbed a hill at the 2011 Tour Dr France.  I'm not sure of the circumstances behind the punch but it seems a little overboard to me.  I'm guessing he wanted to beat the fuck out of the dude with no shirt on but realized he couldn't throw a hard right hand across his body so he just hit the closest person.  He needs to work on his left hook so he can beat the other guys ass next time.

Jalen Rose Sentenced to 20 Days in Jail for DUI

ESPN - A Michigan judge has sentenced former NBA guard Jalen Rose to serve 20 days in jail for a drunken driving crash along a snowy suburban Detroit road in March.

Bloomfield Hills District Court Judge Kimberly Small sentenced the former Michigan standout to 92 days overall, with all but 20 days suspended. She also sentenced him to a year of probation.

Rose pleaded guilty to the charge. He told a judge in May that he had six martinis the night he veered off a West Bloomfield Township road.

A hospital test showed his blood-alcohol content as 0.12 percent, above Michigan's legal driving limit of 0.08 percent.

I figured with his low BAC of .12 that he could get off being a famous and all.  I guess he actually had a judge with some balls to throw him behind bars.  Finally some justice.

Marlins Outfielder Logan Morrison Attacked by Praying Mantis

Looks like Logan was the prey in this situation.  Dude got owned by the Mantis.

Chase Utley Hits Inside the Park Home Run

Last night Chase Utley hit an inside the park home run against the Giants.  Thinking back I can't remember the last inside the parker I have seen since I was about 10 years old.  Shit just doesn't happen in the MLB.  An inside the parker and a 19 inning game in the same night has gotta be in the History books somewhere.

NFL Free Agency 2011 Links

Matt Hasselbeck to join the Tennessee Titans.

Washington Redskins to trade Donovan McNabb to the Vikings.

Free Agent Plaxico Burress could return to the Giants?

NY Jets talking with Santonio Holmes, pursuing cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Panthers sign DE Charles Johnson to 72 million over 6 years.

Tavaris Jackson to replace Hasselbeck in Seattle.

Updates to come.

Braves Win In 19th Inning on Horrible or Great Umpire Call?

At first I clearly thought it was an out and the ump should be canned.  Maybe it's because I'm a huge Braves fan, but the more I watched it the last slot motion shot of the play I think he clearly missed the tag.  It's a shitty way to end a game that went 19 Innings but you gotta make the correct call if you see him miss the tag.  Go Braves!!

Carson Palmer To Retire?

ESPN - Bengals owner Mike Brown insisted on Tuesday that he won't trade quarterback Carson Palmer, who wants to leave one of the NFL's least-successful franchises.

Palmer, who has four years left on his contract, told the team in January that he would retire if he's not traded. The Bengals have only two winning seasons in the last 20 years, one of the worst stretches of futility in league history.

Brown said the club will move on without its franchise quarterback. The Bengals plan to hold their first training camp workout Saturday in Georgetown, Ky.  "I honestly like Carson Palmer," Brown said. "He was a splendid player for us. He's a good person. I wish him well. And he is retired. That is his choice. ... I'm not expecting him to be back."

Asked why he wouldn't trade the 31-year-old Palmer and get some draft picks in return, Brown said it was a matter of principle."Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. He gave his word," Brown said. "We relied on his word. We relied on his commitment. We expected him to perform here. He's going to walk away from his commitment. We aren't going to reward him for doing it."

Carson Palmer retiring will hopefully be the least covered story of the off-season.  Dude never won shit and is being a little bitch for not stepping up and playing.  I could honestly be more happy watching his twin brother QB the Bengals this season.  Bengals will suck no matter who is running the show.  The fact that T.O. and most likely Ocho Cinco will be gone is even more of a reason to get this team out of the media.

Golf Cart Planking Fail

That's what you get for planking douche.  Shit wasn't cool when it started so get over it.

Alex Morgan Sinks Sick Goal Against the Breakers

First off I was typing the name of the team in the heading and immediately realized how bad girls sports team names are.  The Boston Breakers against the Western New York Flash?????  Girls sports are bad enough without giving them the most pathetic names on earth.  Second this is actually a pretty sick looking goal.  She had absolutely no angle on that shot and somehow put it in the upper 90.  I thinking she is hotter than Hope Solo more and more every day.

Standford QB Andrew Luck Grows Nasty Beard

This is a recent pic of Standford QB Andrew Luck and Pac-10 media day rocking a cave man beard.  I'm not saying this dude was winning contests anyway but god damn that shit is ugly bro.

This Genius Got Stuck in a Manhole for 40 Minutes

UPI - A California man got stuck headfirst in a manhole for about 40 minutes when he tried to retrieve his wallet, police say. 

Ceres police officers found Jared Medeiros, 21, of Ceres stuck waist deep in a manhole Friday, Sacramento's KCRA-TV reported. When they arrived, his legs were flailing in the air.

The fire department had to be called in to help pull out Medeiros after he couldn't be budged. He was stuck for about 40 minutes.

I honestly thought this was strait out of a movie.  Like Santa Claus being to fat to go down a chimney and gets stuck in the chimney with just his feet showing.  This dude made my day.

Pic of the Day - San Francisco Giants Meet the President

Is it just me or is Brian Wilson giving Obama the death stare?  Dude is one of a kind.

Mario Balotelli (Backheel) Trick Shot Miss - Benched

This was LA Galaxy player Mario Balotelli trying to show off with a backheel trick shot that he missed pretty badly.  The Galaxy played Manchester United Sunday night in a friendly and tied 1-1.  Being that it was a friendly match you wouldn't think the coach would get that heated over a trick shot but he did.  Mario got benched immediately following the shot.  In my opinion he tried to add some flavor to a friendly game and the usual boring US soccer game.  Props.

Justin Verlander Sets Teammates Foot on Fire

Click to watch

Justin Verlander pulled out a major league prank to his teammate Don Kelley when he set the back of his foot on fire.  Kelley walked around for a while before he noticed what was going on and finally kicked it off.  I really wanna know what was on his shoe and how he got it on their without Kelley noticing.  I guess a Major League Prankster never reveals his secret.

MLB Umpire Takes One to the Head

This is MLB umpire John Hirschbeck in yesterdays Cardinals vs. Pirates game taking one to the nads.  I can say I have never seen an ump take one down their and I feel pretty bad for the guy.  They clearly wear cups but when you get one coming from that angle there ain't much you can do.

Crazy Prayer Before Nashville Nationwide Race

WOW, this pastor reminds me of Ricky Bobby.  He strait up thanked God for his smoking hot wife in his prayer.  This dudes church is going to be jam packed every Sunday from now on.

Candice Swanpoel Looking Hot in Lingerie Shoot

The babe of the day is Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel looking gorgeous in a recent lingerie photo shoot.

Michael Vick Tweets He Would Like Favre as Back-up

BSO - Following the report that the Eagles have some interest in bringing the 41-year-old signal-caller into the fold, Vick tweeted the following on Sunday:
“I would be honored to have Brett Favre as a backup. That will be amazing learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career.”

 Not sure why the Eagles would want to complicate things in Philly after the amazing year Vick had, but having Favre on the team would be a spectacle to watch.  It would also make Favre go out of the league as a back-up QB which would make his exit even more pathetic than it already was.

NFL Lockout Over?

NFL - The NFL Players Association and the league's owners have reached agreement on the remaining points needed in their 10-year labor deal, sources from both sides said.

Despite the fact the new agreement will require a majority vote from the players, that part of the deal between the two sides is considered a formality, according to sources.

The NFLPA is making plans for a major press conference Monday. But first the player reps' executive committee was scheduled to fly to Washington, D.C., on Sunday so they can vote Monday.

Just as the NFL would not have called a vote Thursday in Atlanta without knowing it would pass in the way it did -- 31-0 with one abstention -- the NFLPA would also not be going forward without that assurance.

Finally this shit is going to be behind us.  Let the free agency madness begin so I can start planning my fantasy draft.

ESPN Photo Bomb

Executive Director of the National Football League Players' Association DeMaurice Smith drops a nice photo bomb on the ESPN crew during labor talks.  At least someone in the NFL is keeping in a good mood.  Now get the fuck to practice.

World Record Blob Jump

This video is about two weeks old, but I have never seen it.  Here is the world record blob jump which came in a 17 meters(whatever the fuck that means).  I really want to try one of these things one day but I think they only use these things at fat camp.

Kevin Durant Tat Tat Tatted Up

click to enlarge
I guess the first question is why the fuck does he have a Washington Nationals tattoo in the middle of his stomach?  Did anyone even know this guy had any tattoos?  I guess he tries to "keep it classy" and not get any where they are visible.                                                    

Hottest Girls In Entourage History

Gotta say I'm hype as hell for the last season of Entourage.  It starts this Sunday with an eight episode last season.  We all hope that this season is closely followed by a movie.  Bro Bible has a list of the hottest chicks to ever appear on the show.  It's a must look.

Pic of the Day

Check out the Padres bull pen rocking the old school star wars look.  Ah, the stuff they do to pass time.  Also I'm pretty sure the killed Yoda in the top left.  Wonder what he did to get hung?

Owners Approve Deal To End Lockout

ESPN - NFL owners approved a proposed 10-year labor agreement with the NFL Players Association on Thursday, putting the potential end to the league's lockout in the hands of the players.

Owners voted 31-0 to accept the proposed collective bargaining agreement, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining, after a full day of meetings at an Atlanta-area hotel.

Players still have to sign off on the deal. A conference call between NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, the executive committee and team representatives wrapped up without a vote on the owners' proposal being taken, a source told ESPN.com's John Clayton.

"So everyone understands, we have not received the owners' proposal that they approved. Because of this fact, there is nothing that has changed," Carolina Panthers kicker John Kasay said in an email obtained by ESPN. "This has been a long and tenuous process. They are attempting to test our strength and unity once again. We all have to be patient and make sure that we get the right deal for us."

So it looks like half the battle is done.  Or is it?  It just seems weird to me that the players haven't seen any of the deal that the owners just approved.  We all hope that the owners aren't being huge cunts and have a good deal for the players to sign off on by next week.  I mean shit, fantasy drafts are right around the corner and I need some time to start planning my draft.  If they don't do it for themselves, at least do it for all the fantasy players out there.

Bills WR Steve Johnson Has Classy Birthday Cake


Apparently Bills WR Steve Johnson likes eating booty.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson officially has the best birthday cake I’ve ever seen. Johnson celebrated his 25th birthday a few days ago even though his actual birthday is the 22nd of JulyFlopping Out

Bro You Should Pull That Out - You gotta fucking dart in your neck.

My Fox Boston - Dez Heal says he was pretending to be a ninja with friends, when he fell on the stick impaling his neck.
The pole was stuck in Dez's neck for five hours before doctor's were able to remove it.

Wow.  Might have to go visit this kid since he is in Virginia and ask him what the hell he was thinking.  Not a very graceful ninja if you ask me.

Doug Glanville With Pathetic First Pitch Attempt

This was former professional baseball player Doug Glanville attempting to throw out the first pitch last night at the Cubs game. For a former baseball player it was a pretty pathetic attempt. Dude didn't even catch a piece of leather. The ball went strait to the back stop. At least when people bounce it to the plate it gets to the catcher.

Alex Morgan Is Hot Too - Gallery

 Last week we showed you some pictures of Hope Solo, but Alex Morgan is hot as hell too.  Here are some more pictures of her so you can judge for yourself.  For some reason I'm leaning in Alex Morgan's favor.
Click Keep Reading for more pics

Stephen Drew Nasty Broken Ankle

 Stephen Drew suffered one of the nastiest broken ankles I have ever seen in the Arizona-Milwaukee game.  That thing was flapping in the wind after his slide and he had to put it back in place with his hand.  I doubt we will see him back in action this season.

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Dude Gets Punched In Target For Fake Farting Machine

This dude apparently goes around doing fake fart pranks on some pathetic website for 7 year olds to watch. The old man in target was gonna have none of it and punched him twice in the face.  I can't say I blame him.  I just wished he was strong enough to knock that pussy out.

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Tiger Woods Drops Long Time Caddy Steve Williams

 Tiger Woods announced yesterday that he would drop long term caddy Steve Williams. I'm not sure I understand why he is doing this now?   He should have done this right after the big ordeal about his cheating scandals.  I don't think this proves anything this late and he obviously isn't dumping him because he isn't doing a good job.  Whatever the reason is I hope he can get back on top soon because golf is boring as hell without him.

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Brandon Jennings Sick Self Alley-oop

Well it looks like Brandon Jennings is staying in shape with the possibly NBA lockout looming.  This was him Monday night in a pickup game tossing himself a crazy off the back board alley-oop.  Fuck going to Europe, Jennings needs to hop on the Globetrotters tour next year.

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China’s Annual Bee-Bearding Competition Pictures

Buzz A 42-year-old man took home the grand prize at the national bee-bearding competition in China by accumulating over 57 pounds of bees on his body.

Gotta say, this looks like the most fun competition I have ever seen.  I wonder how many pounds of bees these dudes can hold on their junk?

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Little Kid Gets Pissed He Didn't Catch Foul Ball

I figured SF Giants fans would be a little more mellow than that.  This kid is about to start crying because he didn't get the damn foul ball.  If his dad was a real man he would have made him go sit in the corner for the rest of the game.

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Victor Martinez Shows How to Avoid Home Plate Collision

This slide was from last nights Tigers vs. A's game.  Buster Posey would be proud.

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Rangers to Raise Front Row Rails After Fans Death

ESPNThe Rangers will raise the height of the front row rails at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to 42 inches, an increase of as much as 12 inches in certain areas of the park, as part of new safety initiatives at the facility following the death of fan Shannon Stone.

Stone, a 39-year-old firefighter from Brownwood, fell over the railing in left-center as he attempted to catch a ball thrown by outfielder Josh Hamilton. The drop was about 20 feet and Stone died from injuries sustained in the fall.

The rails located at the bottom of the aisles in much of the park are already at 42 inches. But the rails in front of some seats in the park drop to 34 or 30 inches so fans' views are not obstructed. Now, all of those rails will go to 42 inches. The rail that Stone fell over was 34 inches.

Not much to say about this other than I figured the MLB would already have something in place that said railings had to be a certain height.  Come on Bud.

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I Wanna Bang Hope Solo Song

No lie, I clicked on this thing figuring it was gonna suck.  This dude rapping is legit as hell.  Plus who doesn't wanna bone Hope Solo.

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Leisure Diving the Next Big Fad?

Gotta say, twice as good as planking.  We use to do this shit at the local pool every summer but now you can I can do it while getting really drunk and photograph it.  Posing while in mid-air is way more respectable than just laying on the fucking ground.  Planking, you are dead.  Check out more dives or submit your dive to Leisuredive.com

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Jeopardy Contestant Thinks Cam Newton Played at Ohio State

First off, if your a man and don't know that answer, your not a man.  Second.  This kind of seems racist.  He must think Cam Newton is the same person as Terrell Pryor?  Either way I hope he came in last place.

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Roy Halladay Can't Handle the Heat

 Roy Halladay took himself out of last nights game vs. the Chicago Cubs because of the sweltering heat.
Halladay bent over and called for a trainer after giving up a single. Drew Carpenter replaced Halladay in the fifth inning because he could no longer continue.  No serious injury occurred. 

Being a Braves fan I am always happy to hear there is something that can take out Roy Halladay.  To bad we have no control over the weather that we get to play him in.

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1 vs. 4 Vegas Brawl Gets Wild

Well I guess payback is a bitch huh?  Especially when you get it instantaneously.  Although it was so bull shit that he got jumped 4 on 1, kicking someone in the face is the most fucked up thing I can think of.  I guess they should have beat his ass a little more when they had him down.

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Halle Berry Pictures

I figured since Adrian Peterson got caught saying he would lick Halle Berry's feet  recently I would feature her as the hot chick of the day.  I guess these pictures might justify his statement just a little bit.

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Adrian Peterson Needs to be on the Jets With Rex Ryan - Wants to Kiss Halle Berry's Feet

Yahoo"I have to meet Halle Berry," Peterson said on the red carpet. "She's a gorgeous woman. I don't kiss feet at all, but she has good features and her feet are one of those features. So, you know, I'd kiss her feet."

Well obviously Halle Berry is hot as hell but I doubt I would ever stoop to the feet licking level.  I guess AP knows more about having good feet than I do.

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Ex-NHL Player Joe Sakic Makes Million Dollar Hole in One

What's better than sinking a hole in one?  Sinking a hole in one worth a million bucks....duh.  Reports say that he gets half and half is donated to a charity.  I doubt he needs all that money anyway.

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Sean Rodriguez Shatters Light Bulb With Pop Up

This happened in the Red Sox vs. Rays game last night when Sean Rodriguez popped up into foul territory.  Luckily nobody was hanging out in that area or they would have gotten a head full of shattered glass.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Get a better fucking stadium Rays.

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Wedding Dress Streaker at Braves Game

 Well it's pretty hard to beat the great escape streaker from a month ago, but this dude went with a wedding dress streak at the Braves game over the weekend.  I wonder how long he went shopping to pick out his dress?

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Japan Wins the Women's World Cup in PK's

 Pathetic excuse of a clear out.  I blame the loss on the dumb-ass who kicked the ball to the other team in the goalie box.  You learn not to do that when you are 10 years old.  Another USA choke job in soccer.  For some reason I got hype for this game and now realize that I can never get hype for women's sports ever again.

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Dwayne Wade Swats Little Kid in Knockout

Lately the Miami Heat stars have been picking on little kids.  They couldn't beat the Mavs in the NBA finals but they damn sure aren't gonna lose in knockout to these little punks.  We had LeBron dunking on a 10 year old last week now D Wayde swatting a 10 year old this week.  This is the definition of needing to pick on someone your own size.

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Tom Watson Dunks Hole In One at British Open

Old Tom Watson is at it again.  He sank this ace on the 178 yard par three 6th hole.  He finished up day two with a 70 and it looks like he will make the cut.  Hopefully the grandpa can make a run this weekend.

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Child PornographySuspect Gets to Watch Child Pornography in Jail

That's a smart child rapist right there.  I mean shit, this dude knows he isn't gonna win his case, he just wants to get as much kiddie porn in while he can.  Obviously nobody agrees with it, but you gotta follow the laws no matter how dumb the person is that wrote them.

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News Cast Interviews Wrong Person About Roger Clemens

Ha, that dude just sat there thinking about how he was gonna make the news guy feel like an idiot.    He should have at least started talking about something completely random and made up some shit.

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UCLA Student Hit by Real Madrid Golf Cart

 The Real Madrid team is training on the UCLA campus for their up coming game against the LA Galaxy on Saturday.   It looks like that fan really really wanted to get an autograph.   I love how the players look at the driver like why the hell are you stopping this shit happens every day.

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Girl Gets Pwned on Bike Jump Attempt

Holy Hell, can't tell which part looks worse.  The side smack on the hill is definitely giving her a nice strawberry, but the face smack in the pond could have taken the cake.

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Roger Clemens Set Free on Mistrial

ESPN- The judge presiding over Roger Clemens' perjury trial declared a mistrial over inadmissible evidence shown to jurors.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said Clemens could not be assured a fair trial after prosecutors showed jurors evidence against his orders in the second day of testimony. 

He will hear a motion on whether a new trial would be considered double jeopardy. Rusty Hardin, Clemens' attorney, said he needs until July 29 to file the motion for the double-jeopardy hearing. The prosecution has until Aug. 2 to respond and the hearing would take place Sept. 2.

 Walton apologized to the jurors when they came back into the courtroom and thanked them for their time.

I can honestly say that I care less about what happens to Clemens.  He played in the steroid era in which everyone was hitting up the juice.  He obviously did steroids, but if we throw all the players in jail that did roids that shit would be slam packed.  It's obvious he lied to the jury, but if he gets off it's not the worst thing anyone has ever gotten off for.  OJ
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Emmanuelle Chriqui 2011 ESPYs

 Emmanuelle Chriqui.  Quite possibly the hottest chick in the world.  Here are some pictures of her from the ESPY awards last night.  If there is someone better out their please let me know who it is.

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Brian Wilson Rocks Crazy ESPYs Outfit

 Don't even know where to start.  The orange bow tie definitely brings the outfit together though.  Dude is a stud and doesn't give a fuck what people think.   Gotta respect it.

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2011 ESPYs Opening Act - Seth Meyers

"The Miami Heat call themselves the big three because that's how many quarters they play."  Classic.  While I'm at it I gotta give a shout out to the home town VCU Rams for winning the biggest upset of the year.

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Hope Solo is Hot

I wish there were more pictures of Hope Solo floating around the internet but there are very few.  Here is what I could muster up.  Check out the hottest pics of Hope Solo on the net below.

Another Abby Wambach Header Takes USA to the Finals

I can't believe I'm posting another women's soccer video in less than a week, but this team has got me hooked.  Abby Wambach put another header in the back of the net to put USA up 2-1 over France.  The USA women went on to win the game 3-1 and move to the finals on Sunday.  France looked like they had control of the ball most of the game and got off more shots than the USA, but the USA came through late in the game to drop the French like a bad habit.  Hopefully they can close out the miracle run on Sunday with another nail biter.

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Streaker Gets Shafted at 2011 Running of the Bulls (Pamplona Spain)

Were gooooing streaking...through the quad and into the gymnasium.  Probably not a good place to take off all your clothes and run around.  That dildo on the bulls head is a little sharper than the one that guy normally uses. 

P.S.  They need to stick with the bulls running in the streets where nobody can get away.  A lot more carnage that way.

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Reporter Gets Hit By Helicopter Water Drop

I think the guys in the copter were hoping she just had a white t-shirt on.

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Dude Almost Falls From Stands At Home Run Derby

 Right when a Texas Rangers fan dies from falling over the railing at a baseball game this guy gives us another scare.  You would think people would be super cautious after that happen about a week ago.  This guy got lucky and had a few buddies around to make sure he didn't take the ultimate dive.

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Dude Shoots Himself in the Leg

Plaxico is that you??  Look on the bright side buddy, your not in the middle of a New York City club.

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Just Your Standard Nascar Redneck KO

Not even sure why the hell the old red neck got in the middle of the two on two war.  The fat dude pretty much scared everyone else around except the dumb-ass cowboy who paid the price.  I would liked to see the fat guy help out his boy a little bit though.  He took an ass whopping.

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Lil Bow Wow Plays Kobe Bryant For $1,000 Cash

Apparently Bow Wow has little man syndrome.  He challenged Kobe in a one on one game of bball and it looks like a pretty sad performance.  Kobe drives at will and even throws down a jam on Bow Wow.  Probably the easiest cash he has ever made.

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Kenny Powers New K-Swiss Commercial - Uncensored

Funny ass K-Swiss commercial led be the legend Kenny Powers.  Not sure how Cassel squeezed his way into an endorsement deal but a solid crew either way.  "What's up dawg, I killed you"

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Guy Catches Home Run Ball at 2011 Derby While Jumping Into Pool

For some reason this video immediately reminded me of the "Happy Place" in Happy Gilmore.  I mean shit, the dude jumped into a pool while catching a ball at the home run derby, saved his beer from getting water in it, and had a bunch of hot chicks surrounding him at the pool, one of which grabbed his beer for him.  I honestly think they didn't show us the porn video that they filmed in the pool right after the catch.

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2011 Home Run Derby Projections - Who Ya Got?

Home Run Derby 2011 Participants.
2011 Home Runs So Far.

David Ortiz - 19
Adrian Gonzalez - 17
Jose Bautista - 31
Robinson Cano - 15
Prince Fielder - 22
Matt Kemp - 22
Rickie Weeks - 17
Matt Holiday - 14

The best hitter of the group this year is clearly Jose Bautista with 31 home runs.  Dude is strait bashing the ball and probably won't be caught this year.  We also have the last two home run champs in David Ortiz and Prince Fielder.  Honestly not sure why Robinson Cano and Rickey Weeks are in the derby being second baseman but who am I to argue.  My pick is Ortiz with the repeat.  Wouldn't mind seeing the past two champs face off in the final.

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Pathetic Tweet of the Day - Jose Canseco

 Dude seriously needs to get laid.  I guess he doesn't make enough anymore just to pay for it so he has to use the pathetic excuse of a tweet.  Wonder if anyone showed up?

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Guy Gets Run Over By Car In Tour De France 2011

French television car crashes into Juan Antonio Flecha who then hits Johnny Hoogerland.  I think I feel worse for Johnny who looked like he took a face fool of barb wire fence.   Why the hell do they let cars drive next to the fucking cyclists on a road meant for only one car?  Shoulda got that driver out of his car and whipped his ass.

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USA Womens Soccer Beats Brazil In Penalty Kicks

Honestly the best soccer game I have ever seen.  I don't watch soccer and tend to hate on it a lot, but I do support USA sports even if it is womens sports. This game was back and forth all day and the USA ended up winning the game with one less player on the field.  One of the best come backs I have ever witnessed.  The USA scored with about 30 seconds left in over time to take it to penalty kicks.  You can check out that goal HERE at the 4:30 mark by Abby Wambach.  There was a PK controversy earlier in the game that you can check out HERE, and you can check out all of the penalty kicks HERE.  I plan on watching the rest of the tournament and seeing the USA hoist the trophy, but I doubt I will catch another game like today.

PS.  Hope Solo is hot as hell for a goal tender so check her out HERE.
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Texas Rangers Fan Dies After Falling Over Railing Trying To Grab Ball

Dallas News - The Texas Rangers say a fan died after falling out of the stands while trying to catch a baseball tossed his way during the game.

The man had been reaching over the rail for a foul ball tossed into the stands by Rangers left fielder Josh Hamilton during the game against the Oakland A’s.

Rangers president Nolan Ryan said after Thursday night’s game that the team was “deeply saddened” to learn that the man “has passed away as a result of this tragic accident.”

The Rangers did not identify the man; they said he fell about 20 feet.

The fan fell head-first and landed behind a 14-foot-high wall supporting a video board that shows replays and scores from other games.

Wow what a horrible way to go out.  Just trying to get a souvenir from a baseball game and next thing you know you fall over the railing.  I honestly am surprised this is the first time I have ever heard of this happening.  The railings are somewhat short at most ball parks and fans are always going for foul balls and balls tossed in the stands.  Sad story and hope we never hear about something like that again.

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Mark Cuban College Pictures

Probably one of the best photo galleries ever made. It's a must see.  Deadspin compiled some photos from Mark Cuban's college days.  A couple are not suitable for work considering they show an elephant walk.  Check them out here.  Looks like Cuban partied like a fucking animal like we all figured he did.

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Deron Williams Wants to Play Ball in Turkey If NBA Lockout Stands

ESPN - New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams is planning to play in Turkey in the fall if the NBA lockout has not yet been settled.

Williams' newly hired agent, Jeff Schwartz, on Thursday confirmed to ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher a report from the Turkey-based sports outlet NTV Spor that the All-Star point guard has struck an agreement in principal to play for Besiktas, which is the club that briefly employed Allen Iverson last season.

 Deron Williams is the first NBA player to let it be known that he will jump to Europe to play ball if the NBA lockout holds up.  I can't say that I would disagree with the choice.  I figure if your not getting paid by the NBA, why not get paid by another team.  I'm guessing more players are going to follow in his foot steps.  Hopefully the NBA will step up and get the lockout settled.  The only reason why players won't hit Europe to play ball is the injury risk.  The could fuck themselves royally if they get hurt while under contract.

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Raica Oliveira

 Raica Oliveira does a lingerie photo shoot for us and I don't think anyone is arguing about it.

Check out all the photos.

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Dudes First Time Back In The Gym Since Losing Leg to Cancer

This guy would clearly be on the Olympic team if it wasn't for losing his leg.  Dude has some solid moves in on the pummel horse.

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Not the Nicest Soccer Take Down Ever

Probably the gayest and most cruel soccer take down of all time.  If you gotta touch a dudes junk to beat him in a sport you know you shouldn't be out there in the first place.

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Michelle BeisnerThe Next Erin Andrews

Bleacher report has put together a list of the top twenty candidates to be the next Erin Andrews.  My personal choice is Michelle Beisner.  Chick is hot as hell and would be good for a peephole video remix.  Check out the full list and make your pick.
Full List

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Ape Goes Wild With AK-47

Don't joke on the ape or he will shoot your ass.

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Kobayashi Eats 69 Hot Dogs at Own Competition

So the word was out that Kobayashi was going to protest the Nathan's hot dog eating contest and have his own show on Monday.  The word also got out that he ate 69 dogs and broke Chestnuts record.  We finally have some video proof from TMZ.  Check out the video here.  Should Chestnut be jealous or is he right when he says it doesn't mean shit.

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