Did Jason Campbell Leave His Fiancee At the Altar?

Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell was set to marry his fiancee Jenny Montanes this past Saturday in the Dominican Republic when the wedding was all the sudden called off.  The website vibevixen.com called out Campbell for leaving his fiancee at the altar.  Campbell addressed these rumors with these comments.

 [Campbell] and his fiancĂ©, Jenny Montes, mutually decided to hold off on taking their vows because of personal reasons.

Campbell told CSN’s Kate Longworth that he did not leave Montes at the altar, as had been reported. He said that was not in his character.

Campbell and Montanes met through a mutual friend on Campbell's first night in the city. The two were friends before they started dating in January, 2010. Campbell proposed later that year, on New Year's Eve.

Now I know the media likes to hop on things pretty quickly and expect the worst from things, but you can't just call a dude out for leaving his fiancee at the altar without any facts.  Clearly this would have been a bigger deal if that was the case.  Hopefully Campbell and his lady friend can get their stuff together and straiten things out.

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