Frankie Edgar Didn't Look to Good After His Loss to Ben Henderson

UFC 144 was full of action last night and it saw a new champion crowned in the lightweight division.  Ben Henderson took control of the fight early and never looked back.  He was the more powerful striker and it shows in the picture above.  Frankie's left eye got busted up early and Henderson continued to add to the demolished face when he later landed a huge up kick that busted up Edgars nose.  The fight went five rounds and won fight of the night honors.  We will most likely see a rematch between these two at some point, but I think Anthony Pettis could get the next title shot.  He beat Joe Lauzon last night and is notorious for his superkick that beat Ben Henderson in their last WEC title fight.

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  1. I think Pettis should wait in line. He came from the WEC, while other fighters have worked their way up, while in the UFC. More deserving fighters, at that. Edgar was whining about wanting an immediate rematch, since he gave Penn and Maynard rematches. I don't think it was up to him, though. Edgar does not deserve a rematch so soon after this loss. Who is he? Because they made him fight quick rematches, Henderson has to also? I don't think so. Those were entirely different scenarios. I am glad Henderson won and I picked him to win. If he can hold on to it as long as Penn or Edgar did, that would be quite a feat, though. At least he won it in the presence of his mother.
    Look at Edgar's face and Henderson's face. Edgar got beat up and I saw the same fight as Frankie was in, as Dana watched yet I didn't see Edgar winning. Neither did those judges, did they? Dana sounded like he loved Frankie. His boy won that fight!


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