LeBron James Flops Against the Knicks (Video)

I know the play was clearly a foul by Tyson Chandler, but LeBron did his own version of a soccer flop against the Knicks today.  Chandler was moving (while setting a pick) which is a foul every time, but LeBron tried to draw a flagrant foul by falling down and acting like a little girl.  Just pathetic.  I'll be the first person to jump on LeBron because I've always hated the guy for talking out of his ass with no rings to back it up, but you can't argue he didn't look like a soccer nancy today.  Not 6, not 5, not 4, not 3, not 2, not 1, ZERO championships for this phony.  OKC Thunder take it all this year, put your money on it.

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