Melky Cabrera Gives Braves fans the DX Suck It! (Video)

Melky Cabrera gave some Atlanta Braves fans payback when he did the DX suck it to them after being taunted.  Seriously didn't want to post this being a huge Braves fan, but I'm also a huge fan of D-X so I had to respect Melky for pulling this out.  The video is below if you missed it.

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  1. Melky Cabrera is like school on Sunday, no class. Two years ago when he played for Atlanta, he couldn’t get his fat butt around the bases without getting winded. He’s finally having a great year after 11 years of mediocrity and he acts like he’s been leading the majors his whole career. Actually that’s incorrect. Guys who have been leading the league approach the game and its fans with respect. The DX sign wasn’t his only jerk move of the game. He tried to bait Jason Heyward into going for 3rd on a fly ball out by taunting him. Then in the very next inning Cabrera drops a “can o corn” fly ball that hit him right in the glove. That certainly must have brought a smile to every big leaguer watching who’s been humbled by the “Baseball Gods”


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