Badminton Players Kicked out of Olympics for Tanking Match

ESPN - Four badminton teams were kicked out of the women's doubles at the London Games on Wednesday for trying to lose on purpose, conduct that a top IOC executive said strikes at the heart of Olympic competition.
The eight doubles players from China, South Korea and Indonesia were cited by the Badminton World Federation for "conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport."

Seriously??  I've never heard of a dumber penalty in my life.  Clearly these teams are trying to get better match-ups in the next round of competition so they are tanking their matches.  Can someone tell me what's wrong with this?  This is called Strategy. Everyone does it and it wins championships.  If your not cheating your not trying simple as that.  And to say it is detrimental to the sport is absurd.  Or should I say to call badminton a sport is absurd.  Get over it.

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