Jason Pierre-Paul Throws Prince Amukamara Into Cold Tub (Video)

This video shows Jason Pierre-Paul Throws Prince Amukamara Into Cold Tub.

The video was tweeted by punter Steve Weatherford and contains some unsavory language. It shows Pierre-Paul carrying Amukamara, a cornerback, on his shoulder and tossing him head-first into one of the tubs players use to relieve injuries.

Not sure what I think about this, clearly Prince doesn't look like he cares at first because he easily could have gotten off Jason's shoulder if he really wanted too, but then at the end the guy looks like he is gonna cry?  Either this dude really didn't give a crap and realized it was a joke or he is the biggest vajayjay ever to play in the NFL.  Yea I get bullying is a bad thing when you're in elementary school and what not, but this dude needs to man up and be a MAN because that's what he is.  Punch the guy in the balls if you have to, but for god sakes listen to your teammate in the background stand up for yourself.  Video is below if you haven't watched it yet.

P.S.  People hated on Steve Weatherford for posting this video on YouTube, but I'm giving the man props.  No way he shouldn't have posted this.  Just plain good footage.  What else does a damn punter have to look forward to?

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  1. I'd love to watch the writier of this article punch JPP in the nuts lol he would probably get eaten. I bet prince can make this guy his bitch LOL.


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