Drunk Guy Walks Onto Field During High School Football Game Then Gets Leveled (Video)

Please check out this shirtless drunk guy walking onto the field during a High School football game. Just so many great things about this video.  First off this guy is wasted out of his mind.  Just no idea what he's doing.  Why would you pour out your drink before you throw it?  Obviously it's heavier with liquid in it and it would get everyone wet when you chuck it at them.  Second what's up with this guys belt??  Just missed his belt loops all together.  Looks like he's rocking a strap-on.  Third, the dad in the green jacket had an epic spear.  Not sure I could just walk out there and spear and random drunk high school kid like Bill Goldberg.  Fourth this kid has some great beer muscles, it takes about 10 guys to keep him on the ground before they handcuff him.  And last but not least, make sure you check out the dad in the tan jacket.  Dude is strait throwing elbows at the kids legs and then tosses on the Kurt Angle ankle lock.  Just has everything great about a streaker video all in one.  A special thanks goes out to this Rory Mcilroy look alike for a job well done. Check out the video below or else.

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