Jim Nantz Says the Jets 'Win a Stunner' after Losing to the Patriots

Jim Nantz is either losing his mind or not paying attention to the game he's calling. It's one thing if you have a brain-fart and slip up, but Nantz obviously thought the Jets won the game.

First he called the game a "stunner" won by the "biggest underdog of the day in the league." Umm Jim, pretty sure the Pats weren't home dogs, so what the hell are you talking about?

He was talking about the "New York Jets, standing alone in first place now." He corrected himself afterwards, "New England Patriots, I should say." Yea Jim, you should, since ya know, you're paid to call the game.

I'll give him a little benefit of the doubt, since he's stuck next to that moron Phil Simms every Sunday and probably getting dumber by osmosis. But I don't understand how you can watch OT, see Sanchez cough it up, and still proclaim the Jets the victors multiple times.

To see Nantz failing in action, watch the video below.

On another note though, what the hell was Mark Sanchez doing on that last play? He stupidly cocks the football pack as he's being sacked, like he was gonna still throw or something. When you see two guys about to take you down, put the ball in your gut and hold onto the damn thing. Live to play another play. Instead he put himself in position to either fumble or throw a pick to a d-lineman. Good job Mark, you, along with the Jets, suck.


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