Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt Tells Ray Rice He Eats Burritos Bigger Than Him (Video)

If you haven't heard the hype over Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt yet, you probably don't watch football much. Watt already has 34 tackles and 9.5 sacks after week 7 this year.  Absolutely huge numbers to go along with a huge frame.  The guy is just a beast, it's a strait up fact. 

Along with his numbers, he also provides the Texans with some good laughs.  He was mic'd up this weekend when they took on the Baltimore Ravens and provided us with the possible sports quote of the year.  After a play in the game on Sunday Ray Rice got a little mad at Watt and bumped him as he got off the turf.  Watt then told Rice "I eat burritos bigger than you."  Haha just an awesome quote.  Watt could be the player of the year on Defense and that quote just gave him my vote. (If I had one to give)  The video is below so check it out.

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