Tim McCarver Thinks Barry Manilow is Bigger in San Francisco than Barry Bonds

I almost spit my beer all over the living room last night when I heard the latest and dumbest installment of what Tim McCarver calls baseball play-by-play.

Full disclosure, I can't stand McCarver, he almost makes me sick to my stomach. He's terrible at his job, dropping insightful bombs over the years like, "Booing can be good," and "a change-up is a pitch that looks like a fastball but isn't." He's straight up stealing whatever his exorbitant salary is.

But last night took the freaking cake, just look at this exchange between McCarver and his partner Joe Buck following pitcher Barry Zito's RBI single off of Justin Verlander.

(San Francisco crowd chanting Barry! Barry! Barry!)

McCarver - "That's a sound he hasn't heard in this park too often, the sound of Barry, Barry."

Buck - "They used to say it for someone else around here."

McCarver  (dead-ass serious)- "When Barry Manilow was playing a concert."

Buck - "Or Barry Bonds."

McCarver then tried to play it off laughing a few times like it was a joke. But it wasn't. It's obvious the already shittiest play-by-play guy in sports is losing his mind, so it'll be interesting to see what horrible lines come out of his mouth next.

FOX for some reason will never fire this loser, but if he's really thinking Manilow over Bonds in terms of San Fran greats, it can only get worse. Seriously FOX, I'm begging you, please put this loser out of his misery.

To see the full exchange, check out the video below.


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