Duke Punter Kicks a Ball 79 Yards (Video)

The Duke Blue Devils football team went up against Cincinnati last night and it wasn't pretty.  They lost the game 48-34 behind two picks from quarterback Sean Renfree.  The one bright spot of the night for the Devils was the punter Will Monday.  Will was just name to Phil Steele's Freshman All-America team, and in the second quarter of the game Monday he punted a ball 79 yards (officially).  When he kicked the ball he was standing on the 7 yard line, and the ball ended up stopping on the opposing teams 1 yard line.  In my book that's a 92 yard punt, but hey, I don't write the rules.  Check out the kick below.

I'd say Monday's kick was just a little bit further than the Tulsa punter a couple weeks ago that could only muster up 5 yards.  And don't forget about the CFL punter that kicked it 108 yards.  Pretty sure that record will stand for a while.

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