Josh Brent Was Driving With a .18 BAC When He Killed Jerry Brown Jr.

As you know a week or so ago Dallas Cowboy's player Josh Brent killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown Jr. in a drunk driving car crash.  Two days ago we had an eye witness say that Brent didn't want to help his teammate out of the burning car.  Today we know why.  The guy was wasted as hell at a .18 BAC.  Probably couldn't even see strait.  Check out the story from Dallas News.

 Irving police, who are not commenting on the case, have previously said that the 321-pound Brent failed field sobriety tests immediately after the deadly crash. He refused a breathalyzer test but because his wreck resulted in a death, authorities could draw his blood against his will. Brent’s blood alcohol level was reportedly 0.18.
According to one online blood alcohol content calculator, a person Brent’s size would have to drink about 20 shots over a four-hour period to reach that blood alcohol level.
 5 drinks per hour???  That's crushing drinks.  I booze like I'm still in college and don't even drink that much. (and definitely don't drive)  This guy probably doesn't drink at all during the season either.  Can't imagine how he would even consider driving after pounding back 20 brewskis.  Absolutely a shame.  All he had to do was call for a FREE ride.

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