Kobe Bryant vs. Lionel Messi in Funny Turkish Airlines Commercial (Video)

You know you're an international superstar when you get thrown in the cage against the best soccer player in the world.  Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi go one on one with each other in this funny Turkish Airlines Commercial trying to give this kid their autograph.  Honestly this has nothing to do with the actual airline other than the fact that they are on a plane during the commercial.  Not sure how these things work if they don't promote anything, but hey, that's why I'm not working for them. 

Great timing for Turkish Airlines though. Kobe Bryant just score his 30,000th point, and FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi was also just in the news on Wednesday when he was injured against Benficia while trying to score his record-tying 85th career goal. (BIG FLOP)  Check out the commercial in the video below.

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