2013 NBA All-Star Rosters Announced

 The NBA has announced the starting lineups for the 62nd All-Star Game.  At first glance it seems that Kobe Bryant is still the most popular NBA player.  Kobe barely surpassed LeBron James for the most votes with 1,591,437.  This gives Bryant the record for most consecutive All-Star Game starts with 15.

Eastern Conference

LeBron James, MIA (1,583,646)
Carmelo Anthony, NYK (1,460,950)
Dwyane Wade, MIA (1,052,310)
Rajon Rondo, BOS (924,180)
Kevin Garnett, BOS (553,222)

Western Conference

Kobe Bryant, LAL (1,591,437)
Kevin Durant, OKC (1,504,047)
Chris Paul, LAC (929,155)
Dwight Howard, LAL (922,070)
Blake Griffin, LAC (863,832)

 When we break down the rosters a little more we notice a few funny interesting things.  #1 being the fact that Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got in a pretty big fight just a few weeks ago, and Carmelo waited for Garnett after the game.  Should be interesting to see how they work things out. 

The second thing I noticed is that the Lakers and the Clippers basically own the whole starting lineup in the West.  What a joke that Dwight Howard is in the starting lineup.  He had a free throw last night against the Miami Heat that barely even touched the bottom of the net.  And no, not in a good way.  He didn't shoot a swish, he shot an air ball.  Howard has been hurt a bunch this season, and his numbers are all below his career averages.  Why not run without a true center like the Eastern Conference is doing?  Clearly if this game actually counted I would have to go with the Eastern Conference for the win.

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