AC Milan Walks Off Field After Racist Remarks (Video)

Honestly, this is why soccer is the dumbest sport ever.  Soccer has some of the worst fans (racists), and the weakest players (floppers).  No idea how this is the most popular sport in the world.  Just strait boring other than the world cup.

At least AC Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng stepped up and said screw the fans.  Him and his teammates walked off the field during a friendly match against Pro Patria, a lower-level Italian club.  Boateng had been hearing racist remarks the whole game and finally decided enough was enough.  Check out what the coach of AC Milan had to say about it afterward.

 Massimino Allegri, the coach of AC Milan, said afterward that his team would walk out again if one of their players were racially abused, regardless of either the competition or the situation. The powerful Allegri also put out a call for other teams to stage walk outs if their players were similarly abused.

Awesome.  Screw these racist pieces of shit.  Walk out every game until they realize there won't be any more games and they finally stop being pathetic.  Check out the video of the walk out below.

(Big Lead)
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