Kid in Wheelchair Rushes Court, Gets Trampled After NC State Beat Duke (Video)

So I saw this happen in real time and had to post it.  Dick Vitale was ranting at the end of the NC State vs. Duke game today about how he always worries about people getting hurt when charging the court after big wins.  NC State was at home against Duke today and beat them 84-76 for their first loss of the season.  Vitale started talking about the situation with about a minute to go in the game, setting up the scene perfectly.

The question is, what was the kid thinking that pushed the wheel chair guy to center court?  Nothing good possibly could have happened.  The wheel chair kid was just sitting at center court and got bum rushed by thousands of students.  The camera pans away just as you see him starting to tip over and get trampled.  Hopefully this poor kid go out alive.

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  1. He got out fine. And e asked the guy to push him out there. CJ Leslie got people back and picked him up, found his wheelchair, and got him out of there safely.h


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