Ray Lewis Will Work for ESPN After Retirement

Multiple sources told SI.com the Ravens linebacker is close to signing a multi-year contract with the network. At ESPN, Lewis is expected to have a significant role on the network's Monday Night Countdown program. As with most ESPN NFL talent, Lewis would also be featured on multiple platforms, including ESPN Radio.
No formal announcement from Lewis or the network is expected until the conclusion of the Ravens season. Lewis announced Wednesday that he planned to retire at the end of Baltimore's season. The Ravens host the Colts on Sunday in the AFC WIld Card round.
An ESPN spokesperson declined comment when contacted Thursday morning.
 This is probably the best decision ESPN has ever made.  The worst decision was easily the fact that they only suspended Rob Parker and didn't fire him.    Lewis is a smart guy to say the least.  He's been doing motivational speeches basically his whole career, and has 17 years of NFL experience to bring to the table.  A little more than fellow retired player Bill Romanowski who seems to be steroided out of his mind every time he steps on the set of an ESPN show.

via SI

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