Shamarr Bowden of ECU Punched Konner Tucker of UTEP Twice in the Face (Video)

Check out Shamarr Bowden of ECU punching Konner Tucker of UTEP in the face twice in their game on Saturday.  The two players went to the ground after a layup attempt when Marshall Guilmette of UTEP put back a huge dunk.  While Marshall was hanging on the rim Bowden dropped two huge punches to Tucker's face.  Not really sure what caused the fight, but it wasn't pretty.  Bowden is no stranger to trouble, he was arrested last April on gun charges, and is sure to face some action from the NCAA for this fight.  Check out the video below.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that McKenzie Moore of UTEP got some pay back for his teammate when he hit a game winning buzzer beater?  Well, he did.  UTEP won the game 68-67.

This wasn't the only fight over the weekend. Check out this huge fan brawl at the pro bowl.

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