There Will Be a Chicken Wing Shortage For This Years Super Bowl

 According to the National Chicken Council (yes it's a real thing) there will be a shortage of chicken wings for this years Super Bowl.
 This year, it’s the National Chicken Council taking Mother Nature and the federal government to task for a shortfall in the production of chicken wings that will hold consumption to 1.23 billion wing segments during the 2013 Super Bowl, 12.3 million less than last year.
 The main reason for the shortage is the high prices for corn and feed to fatten up the birds.  This is causing the chicken companies to produce a fewer amount of chickens.  The government also has a part in the smaller dosage of wings, since the feds now mandate 40 percent of all corn be turned into fuel in the form of ethanol.

As much as I like a good chicken wing, I don't know that I've ever eaten wings on the Super Bowl.  Usually people just bring a bunch of dips and order a bunch of pizzas to their parties.  You'd think that I wouldn't be as mad knowing that I never eat wings on the Super Bowl, but I'm pretty pissed for some reason.   I really want wings this year after hearing this news.  It's a crock of shit. Give me 40 medium wings with ranch....NOW!!

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