Tony Romo Was Well Guarded by Cops at a High School Basketball Game Last Night

Not many people get to say Tony Romo went to their high school basketball game.  Personally I wouldn't brag about it, because I don't like the guy.  I'm sure these kids in Anna, Texas are probably pretty big fans of him though.  According to our friends at Busted Coverage Tony is friends with one of the Anna coaches and randomly decided to attend the game.  Check out the cops that are sitting right next to the cute couple.  Do they really need all that security at a random high school basketball game??  You ain't the president Tony.  Personally I don't think you should even be an NFL quarterback anymore after your performance against the Washington Redskins.  Nothing like making yourself feel important though.

P.S.  His girl Candice Crawford is waaaay to hot for him.

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