Darnell Docket Keeps Twitter War Going With AJ McCarron, Asks Him to Box

 Arizona Cardinals player Darnell Dockett is not done with AJ McCarron yet.  Now he wants to get him into the boxing ring instead of the Twitter ring.   A while back Dockett asked out AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb on twitter, and McCarron wasn't too happy about it.  McCarron finally called him out last week, and Dockett has just responded with a boxing match.  As you can see below McCarron doesn't want to fight the man, he just wants to call him out on having less Championship rings than he does.  He's got a point there Darnell.  3 is better than 1.

 This is going down as one of the biggest athlete on athlete social media wars ever.  Although I'm not sure what the big problem is.  Docket already said that Katherine Webb isn't his type, he likes hood chicks with bullet holes.

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