Former Pennsylvania Basketball Player Matthew White Stabbed to Death by Wife for Watching Porn

Matthew White who was the starting center for the 1979 Pennsylvania basketball team that reached the Final Four, was stabbed to death by his wife, Maria Rey Garcia-Pellon, while sleeping in their bed. She had caught him watching pornography on his computer.
She returned to the bedroom and slipped the knives under her side of the bed. She took one of the knives out as her husband was asleep.
She stabbed him in the neck, the records allege.
White awoke and the two struggled briefly before he collapsed of his wounds.
“I’m dying, I’m dying,” he said, according to the court filing.
Garcia-Pellon then changed her clothes and left the house. She went to the home of a friend and told her White had allegedly been viewing pornography on a computer and she killed him, the records state.
The friend called 911.
“I caught him looking at pornography, young girls, I love kids,” Garcia-Pellon told investigators. “I had to do it.”  More
This certifies that chicks are crazy.  Doesn't every girl know that every guy watches porn???  Married or not??  Just a joke that someone has to die because of it.  What a terrible way to go out.  Not to mention this dude had a good reason to watch it.  Look at his damn crazy wife.  She's a two out of 10 at best.

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