Referee vs. Radio Announcer in VCU vs. St. Louis Game (Video)

#24 VCU got smoked on Tuesday night by Saint Louis 76-62.  Being a VCU fan I wasn't too happy seeing this massacre go down.  This video made me a little happier though.  Check out Saint Louis Billikens radio announcer Bob Ramsey saying that referee Bo Borowski just called a "cheap foul."  Bo overheard his comments and got in Ramsey's face while on air, and gave him a piece of his mind.  Ramsey tried to play it off by saying "the official got into our broadcast, but were not gonna have it," but I think the Zebra got the best of him on this occasion.

P.S.  I think I would take a guy named Bo over a guy named Bob in a brawl any day.  Just something about that extra B that I can't get down with.

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