NBA Prospects in the Tourney

NBA Prospects in the Tourney

The NCAA Tournament showcases the best college players in the nation. Many of those players will be selected in this summer’s NBA Draft by some of your favorite NBA teams. And March is the time when we see what these players are capable of doing when everything is on the line. These young kids can significantly boost their draft stock by carrying there teams deep into the tourney or coming through in the clutch, a great reason to tune into March Madness on

Here’s a list of four future NBA players that are worth watching in the Tournament

Ben McLemore
After just one year at Kansas McLemore has already got some people clamoring about his potential as a future NBA All-Star. If you liked what you saw enough from Bradley Beal last season out of Florida than you should feel good about McLemore.

He stands at 6-5 and he has two things going for him. He is very athletic and he already has a great jump shot. He could potentially go number one for those very reasons. Even if he doesn’t pan out as a superstar he should at least be able to contribute an offensive spark based on those two things.

Marcus Smart

The 6’4 freshman point guard for Oklahoma State has people clamoring about his basketball IQ and the fact that he seems to everything right. Smart doesn't force the issue with his scoring and he has a visible competitive streak.

It’s hard to tell if he will be a superstar. At times he will remind you of a less athletic Dwyane Wade. But however he pans out he should easily adjust to fit himself into an NBA team’s rotation.

Otto Porter III

Porter is a 6’8 sophomore junior for Georgetown. He is a really good defender and he has an NBA body at the age of 19. One could certainly draw comparisons to former Georgetown player Jeff Green who has been hit or miss in his time in the NBA.

Porter certainly belongs in the NBA, but finding his exact role on a team might take a few years. Don’t expect him to immediately save a franchise.

Shabazz Muhammad

Muhammad is one of the most intriguing players in college basketball. UCLA was fortunate enough to land the prized recruit, but they already know that he will leave after this season so expect them to get as much out of him as they can in the Tournament.

Muhammad can score the ball and he is relentless. He’ll show that scoring ability immediately and only get better over time. He could very well end up with the reputation and skillset that James Harden now has.

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