Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

With the 2013 NFL season getting under way this weekend, we wanted to take a look back at week 1, and give you a rundown on what to expect for the rest of the season.  First things first though, if you like to bet on sports, be sure to pencil in the San Francisco 49ers as your Super Bowl champions.  The 49ers handled the Green Bay Packers in week 1, and Colin Kaepernick throwing to Anquan Boldin looks pretty impossible to stop.  Now on to our week one recap, along with some good pickups for your fantasy team.

At the running back position we have Adrian Peterson going number 1 overall in most fantasy drafts this year.  Peterson let it be known before the season started that he was shooting for 2,500 rushing yards.  He started week 1 with only 93 yards, but added 2 touchdowns.  It's safe to say he will need a little more than that on the ground to catch the all time rushing record.  I was also huge on Reggie Bush this year, and he didn't let me down.  He started off the year with 90 rushing yards, 101 receiving yards, and a touchdown. Shane Vereen rounded out your top three running backs with 101 yards, but couldn't punch in a score for the Patriots. Expect Ray Rice, and Doug Martin to be on your top 5 list before the mid way point in the season.  My sleeper pickup after week one would have to be New York Giants running back Da'Rel Scott.  Starter David Wilson fumbled twice, and had his coach Tom Coughlin fuming.  Look for Scott to pick up well over half of the rushes in week two for the Giants, and to add a few catches to the mix.

The quarterback position was a little crazy in week one.  Terrelle Pryor had one of the best games for a rookie starter ever.  He opened up the season with 112 rushing yards, 217 passing yards, and a touchdown.  Pryor is still available in most fantasy leagues, so go out and get him for a solid backup if you need one.  The Manning brothers also impressed in week one.  Both throwing for over 400 yards.  Peyton tied the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a game with 7, and Eli nabbed 4 himself.  Not a bad brother combination to have.  Colin Kaepernick was the only other QB to throw for over 400 yards, and he has the 49ers looking like they could be in the Super Bowl two years in a row.

Wide receiver was probably the steadiest of the three positions.  Anquan Boldin has been as steady as it gets over the past couple years, and he didn't disappoint.  He dropped 208 yards receiving in week one, and added a touchdown.  A.J. Green and Demaryius Thomas rounded out the top three with 162, and 161 yards respectively.  Expect big things from all of Peyton Mannings receivers this season.  My two sleepers at this position are Julian Edelman of the Patriots, and Andre Roberts of the Cardinals. Edelman started off the year with 7 catches for 79 yards, and two touchdowns.  Expect more of the same if Tom Brady is throwing him the ball.  Roberts is most likely available in at least half of the fantasy leagues out there, and he is the starter beside the best receiver in the league.  He grabbed 8 balls in week one for 97 yards, from the veteran Carson Palmer.

The tight end position is obvious.  Go after Julius Thomas of the Denver Broncos, and go after him hard.  The first time starter grabbed 5 catches for 110 yards, and two touchdowns.  No reason not to expect the same from him for the rest of the season.  After all, we know how much Peyton likes his tight ends.  If you are looking for more fantasy football tips check out our buddies over at the Fantasy Sharks.


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