Predicting the Super Bowl for 2014

Predicting the Super Bowl for 2014 isn't an easy task by any means.  Currently the Broncos sit at the top of the chart, followed closely by the Seattle Seahawks, and the Saints.  After last nights game I'm not sure though.  The Seahawks dominated the Saints up and down the field for 4 quarters of football.  Not sure anyone can hang with Russell Wilson and his crew.  They are stacked on offense, and even more stacked on defense, and as we all know, defense wins championships.  That and Mr. Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch.

Hanging out in the 4 through 7 spots are the Patriots, 49ers, Chiefs, and Panthers.  Personally I don't think the 49ers or Patriots are as good as they were last year, which knocks them out of the mix.  The Chiefs don't have enough offense to hang with the big boys either.   The Panthers on the other hand are coming on strong, and have won 8 in a row.   Can't say that I saw that one coming.  Cam Newton is playing smart, and that defense is hard nosed.  Other than the top three teams, I personally give the Panthers the only shot at a Super Bowl title this season.  Never thought I'd type that one.

So what it comes down to for me is the top two teams, or taking a flyer on the Panthers.  Can't go wrong either way, and personally it's hard for me to bet against someone like Peyton Manning.  So if  you're looking for a place to gamble on the Super Bowl check out the betting options at  They have everything you need to make your Super Bowl 2014 a success.

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